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1. Purpose

MIS Group, a company specialized in marketing studies and the creation of consumer panels, is the publisher of our site. As part of its business and on behalf of its clients and partners, MIS Group posts quantitative survey questionnaires and recruitment questionnaires for qualitative studies on its site on a day-to-day basis. The recipients of these questionnaires are both members of our site (users registered on our site) and members of partner sites (users registered on our partners' sites).

2. Recap of your user rights

In accordance with current regulations, whether you are registered on our site or not, you have the right to access, modify and delete personal information about yourself which has been registered on our site.

3. Use of information collected from our site

MIS Group is responsible for the processing of personal information that we collect from our site, from registered and non-registered users. The information comes from:

  - the contact form, available on our website to all users, registered and non-registered;
  - our website registration form, available to members on registration, and in their user area once they are registered;
  - the 13 Profile questionnaires, available to members in their user area, which help us to get to know them better and offer them studies of interest to them to participate in.

All data collected from these Profile forms and questionnaires are necessary to the business of our company MIS Group. The latter being the sole recipient.

We therefore guarantee that whether you are registered on our site or not, that no other company/service provider will have access to the personal data collected via these profile forms and questionnaires.

4. How the information collected from the "Surveys" and "Recruitment" questionnaires is used.

Apart from the Profile questionnaires, there are two types of questionnaire on our website:

  - quantitative survey questionnaires: these are on-line questionnaires that allow us to gather the thoughts and opinions of respondents on various subjects very quickly, and for statistical purposes only. Depending on the nature of the project, the questionnaires can either be for our members or for members of partner sites. They are either hosted by ourselves or by our partners. Apart from exceptional circumstances, the answers recorded from these questionnaires remain strictly anonymous. In other words, no link is established between them and the personal data of the respondents.

  - recruitment questionnaires for qualitative studies: online questionnaires letting us check whether the respondent profiles correspond to the qualitative studies that we organize for our clients and partners (focus groups and face-to-face or online interviews, home product trials, mystery shopping, etc.). The questionnaires are accessible only by our members and hosted by us. Upon completion of the recruitment questionnaire (when a respondent's profile matches the one being sought), the respondent will land on a short form where their contact information and consent to be contacted again for further participation will be collected. Following this, our company, the MIS Group, will follow up with them via phone or email to confirm and/or provide the relevant details.

Only the company MIS Group is able to establish a link between:

  - the information collected from the questionnaires we host and thus present on our site on behalf of our customers and partners;
  - and the personal information of our members which they themselves enter in our website profile forms and questionnaires.

If, for the specific purposes of a study, it is necessary for us to establish a link between your answers to a quantitative survey questionnaire and personal data that you have registered on our site as a member (such as your first and last name), then you will be informed at the beginning of the questionnaire, your consent will have been required, and the link can only be established from an identifier.

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