Brazilian waxing
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Brazilian waxing - Laurence Dumont
18 000 punkte
16 Wax Strips

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Patrizia D. (46 jahre - IT)

I'm satisfied by this product since it is easy to use, has a good smell and is useful with results that last for a long time.

Farah M. (36 jahre - BE)

Ça ne retire pas correctement les poils.

Milana V. (36 jahre - LT)

Very handy, easy to use. Recommend

Giorgia I. (38 jahre - IT)

The product is excellent, both for the effectiveness in depilation, both for its texture. It also satisfied me for its practicality and for the packaging that does not take up much space.

Susan M V. (45 jahre - US)

It's a must buy product easy to use Works well and gets the job done right.

Jeanelle O. (30 jahre - US)

I love it !

Kejsi D. (24 jahre - IT)

Prodotto efficace e facile da usare, riesce a svolgere il suo lavoro in tempo rapido. Il profumo davvero buono, anche l'olio da usare in seguito. Davvero un buonissimo prodotto!

Inmaculada V. (60 jahre - ES)

Buen producto.

Jennifer F. (31 jahre - ES)

Es muy practico y útil, fácil de usar. La caja llegó in poco aplastada pero el interior estaba en perfecto estado

Irene D. (29 jahre - ZA)

If self waxing is for you this product is for you. It's fast and efficient, stubborn hairs are the but of a problem, but aren't they always.bid recommend this product for a quick diy waxing shenanigans.

Cassandra S. (26 jahre - US)

Works very well and easily