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Natural whitening powder
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Natural whitening powder - Glamza
15 g
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Ready for a brighter smile? Made with activated carbon and coconut shells, this 100% natural whitening powder is guaranteed to instantly restore the whiteness of your teeth!

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Hayley D. (39 years old - GB)

Regretfully the tin was delivered badly damaged and coated the bathroom when I finally managed to open it. Whilst it didn't leave my teeth any whiter it did provide a good deep clean.

Solène A. (26 years old - FR)


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Laurie B. (26 years old - FR)

Effective product from the first use.

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Maryanne W. (31 years old - GB)

good results but very messy whilst using.

Julia M. (27 years old - FR)

I was looking for a natural tooth whitening and I am quite satisfied with this product! I use it after toothpaste, I find that it leaves my teeth smooth. However, I haven't used it long enough to speak of its whitening effect.

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Amandine F. (41 years old - FR)

Trop bien!!!!!

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Melissa T. (30 years old - FR)

So I have had it for 2 weeks. At the first use I did not find anything different but at the second I find that my teeth have slightly whitened. You shouldn't expect anything crazy but a little bit anyway. On the other hand the sensation in the mouth is not pleasant and the mint taste is completely absent.

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Charlotte K. (27 years old - FR)

It's nice. Honestly I have a hard time being regular with using this kind of product but I still saw a light effect. After that, the powder is very messy! If there is some in the sink, it's a real pain to rinse, and even on the teeth, you have to rub it well and for a long time so that it goes away well

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Jeanette C. (58 years old - GB)

Really good .. but very messy when opening tin