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Eye shadow - 15658 Deep night
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Eye shadow - 15658 Deep night - BiguineMakeup
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Monochrome eyeshadow, rich in pigments, for an intense make-up result.

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Gabriella S. (35 years old - IT)

I really like the color is very pigmented .

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Chahinez G. (36 years old - FR)

Very surprised but positive the pigmentation of the eyeshadow (Deep Night) its plus++ its texture is smooth so no powder that falls on the face during use. I like it very much and I recommend it. Thank you Free cosmetics testing.

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Anna Maria A. (31 years old - IT)

Very nice.

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Francesca G. (29 years old - IT)

Sounds great.

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Robin W. (39 years old - US)

It’s horrible to attempt to apply.

A. M. (32 years old - ES)

It is beautiful and comfortable to the skin. Perfect to make smoked. Although in the image it looks black, it is anthracite gray.

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Elisa V. (44 years old - IT)

Unique product easy application and gorgeous color.

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Armelle B. (46 years old - FR)

Easy to use; perfect for a smokey eye or a marked liner. Good hold over a whole day. No particular fragrance.

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Tatiana B. (31 years old - FR)

A well-pigmented eyeshadow that is easy to work with and holds really well.

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Sheila H. (39 years old - ES)

Perfect, easy to apply and long lasting.

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Bénédicte B. (54 years old - FR)

Bonne pigmentation.

Julie W. (56 years old - GB)

Great eyeshadow, very smooth to apply, very impressed.

Corinne T. (63 years old - FR)

Un résultat superbe et un petit boitier très pratique. Toutefois un petit applicateur aurait été bienvenu.

Dolle J. (35 years old - FR)

Super pratique, bien pigmenté.

Brigitte L. (60 years old - FR)

Très bien.

Ines B. (23 years old - FR)

Ombre à paupières très pigmentée de bonne qualité.

Maria-alexandra M. (21 years old - FR)

bon fard mais fait un peu de chute, s'estompe bien mais texture trop sèche, bonne pigmentation, tient bien!

Vanessa V. (43 years old - FR)

Fabuleusement pigmenté ! J'adore, je l'utilise en tant qu'eye liner la plupart du temps et je l'applique avec un pinceau biseauté. Mais j'ai testé le œil smoky et vraiment c'est top ! Je vous le recommande.

Jaye C. (50 years old - US)

I absolutely loved this product. Deep night is such a beautiful color. It's so smooth and so easy to use. Excellent quality product. Looks amazing..

Charlotte G. (36 years old - FR)

Super fard à paupières.

Imane B. (20 years old - GB)

Great quality.

Helene F. (33 years old - FR)

Super produit je l'adore.

Aline V. (25 years old - FR)

Bonne tenue.

Fulvia L. (40 years old - IT)

Buon prodotto. Si stende bene e non va via facilmente. Grazie Free Cosmetic Testing.

Tina W. (52 years old - DE)

Der Eye shadow läßt sich gut auf dem Lid verteilen und verteilt sich gleichmäßig. Für ein ebenmäßiges schwarz, kann ich nur empfehlen.

Raewyn R. (58 years old - GB)

Lovely product, went on nicely An lasted all day.

Azali M. (35 years old - ES)


Carmen V. (56 years old - FR)

Couleur parfaite mais assez dure à étaler.

Paola D. (50 years old - IT)


Nicole L. (40 years old - US)

I love the smooth buttery texture and the ease of application. it blends nicely and is nice as an only use. The packaging is strong and great for travel. The color is strong and bold so you can see what the color is, It swatches very well and applies just as good.

Antonella M. (49 years old - IT)

Il prodotto ricevuto era frantumato, provato più volte il prodotto non rimane l'intera giornata e sbiadisce, non mi ha soddisfatta del tutto penso si debba migliorare.

Stefania D. (52 years old - IT)

La formula ricca di pigmenti dona un colore intenso. La texture di questo ombretto permette un risultato a lunga tenuta.

Carmen A. (52 years old - IT)

Ombretto dalla tonalita molto intensa, tratto deciso, applicazione semplice, peccato manchi il pennellino, trucco durevole.

Sylvie L. (57 years old - FR)

Facile à appliquer, texture fine et douce. Tient bien. Couleur franche et nette

Federica G. (44 years old - IT)

Ottimo prodotto compatto non sbava e super resistente, sono veramente soddisfatta.

Katherine T. (46 years old - US)

The pigment is so deep and rich I could do any eye makeup job with this. I love it.

Jamie W. (50 years old - US)

I really like the eye shadow I have been wanting this color for awhile now.

Rossana F. (45 years old - IT)

Ottimo prodotti, dal colore deciso e duraturo. Non lascia residui ed è facile da applicare.