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Soap Cord
Soap Cord Soap Cord
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Soap Cord - Adopt
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Practical, ergonomic and eco-friendly, we melt for the soap "We relax". Enriched with essential oils of neroli and bergamot, it promises you a moment of well-deserved calm. Natural, it gently protects, cleanses and nourishes your skin. At the same time !

In the shower, apply your soap to wet skin, avoiding contact with the eyes. Take advantage of its relaxing and balancing properties then rinse. You are now ready to face the day!

What they say…

Marie F. (74 years old - FR)

The cord makes it easy to use.

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Neha K. (31 years old - IN)


Shabnam A. (41 years old - IN)

Good soap and fragrance nice but bubble foam are very light all over product very good.

Samantha P. (30 years old - FR)

Very good product, pleasant under the shower.

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Aashana B. (24 years old - IN)

Overall the product smells absolutely beautiful and the texture is lovely. Love the string idea on it so it doesn’t get mushy too soon !