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#Rainbowrave Unicorn Mascara
#Rainbowrave Unicorn Mascara
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#Rainbowrave Unicorn Mascara - Soda
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A colorful mascara.

Tired of your usual black mascara? Why not try the Unicorn #rainbowrave mascara from Soda? This colourful mascara covers each lash with a brilliant pigment that will not go unnoticed. Whether you want a bright blue or green, this mascara will bring the sublime touch to all your looks.

* Not tested on animals

What they say…

Anna Z. (19 years old - ES)

I am in love with this product. The baby blue unicorn mascara from Soda is something I dreamed of since joining this platform. The blue mascara is bright, vibrant, and makes my eyes look bigger. I don’t need to wear eyeliner anymore because this Soda mascara achieves an eye look that no one knows how to achieve. Definitely saving points to get more Soda products. I love the brand already.

Antonia L. (61 years old - FR)

It is easy to use.

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Julie E. (32 years old - FR)

Requires several applications to properly define the lashes, the blue is hardly noticeable, except slightly under bright light.

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Sara M. (23 years old - FR)

This mascara makes a very nice effect. It doesn't stick to the lashes, doesn't clump and you can see the color.

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Brigitte R. (62 years old - FR)

Nice color effect depending on the light, small brush handy for small lashes like me, but you have to put several layers to see it is a bit of a shame, but it does not clump on application so it is a plus.

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