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Technic - Skin Cleansing Foam
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Technic - Skin Cleansing Foam - Technic
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Formulated with a blend of sage, matricaria, yarrow and japonica fruit extracts to hel soften, brighten and balance the skin. Removes makeup and impurities. Rejuventates and exfoliates, which may help cell renewal.
Gently massage cleanser in circular motions using your fingertips, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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Juanita Casado M. (42 years old - ES)

It was a surprise as it works very well and easy to use.

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Allende R. (33 years old - ES)

I was delighted and surprised at the same time because the packaging seemed to me a more modest and less efficient product and on the contrary not to be guided by appearances is the best I've tried.

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Mercedes S. (45 years old - ES)

Format very comfortable to use, not too big, not too small, I like its size. It has a very pleasant smell, clean, it is soft. I loved the texture it has, I had never tried a foaming cleanser, and I think that from now on it will become my basic cleanser, having this texture does not slip on the fingers, it is very easy to apply and it looks like the product is going to last a lot, since a small amount is enough. It does not leave a feeling of dryness or tightness on the face, it is a quality and effective product. Very happy with the product.

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Eloise S. (41 years old - FR)

I love the texture and the whole package I'm a fan!

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Siobhan D. (42 years old - IE)

The product was lovely and made my skin feel so soft, but I really didnt like the smell, it was very strong and chemical it wasnt very pleasing. I liked the packaging and the pump made it so handy to use.

Séverine G. (54 years old - FR)

A great foaming product that gently removes makeup and makes the skin soft, a nice discovery that made me want to continue with this brand.

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