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Matifying papers
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Matifying papers - Adopt
50 sheets
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Bye-bye shines and excess sebum! With the really bluffing mattifying papers, to you doll dyed and baby skin. Their secrets? Green tea with antioxidant and purifying properties.

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María De Los Angeles S. (59 years old - ES)

I was positively surprised, it is very practical, pleasant to use, does not irritate, respects the skin.

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Léa H. (22 years old - FR)

Very good!

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Carrie W. (35 years old - US)

They soak up sweat and oil very quickly but if you're sweating and use them then you can only dab it once.

Fanny H. (41 years old - FR)

I am a huge fan of this mattifying paper. I have skin that gets oily quickly during the day, so this has become my go-to tool in my purse to absorb my excess oil! No more shine on my face. I have to use 2 of them to go around my face. These natural papers infused with green tea are French and recyclable.

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Maeva F. (24 years old - FR)

Very useful.

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Anne Sophie M. (46 years old - FR)

This paper is very effective against my skin which regreases too quickly. Thanks to its small size, I can take it everywhere and use it all day long.

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