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Brazilian waxing
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17 reviews
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Brazilian waxing - Laurence Dumont
18 000 points
16 Wax Strips

What they say…

Patrizia D. (45 years old - IT)

I'm satisfied by this product since it is easy to use, has a good smell and is useful with results that last for a long time.

Farah M. (35 years old - BE)

Ça ne retire pas correctement les poils.

Milana V. (35 years old - LT)

Very handy, easy to use. Recommend

Shana B. (36 years old - US)

Product should feature instructions in English.

Giorgia I. (37 years old - IT)

The product is excellent, both for the effectiveness in depilation, both for its texture. It also satisfied me for its practicality and for the packaging that does not take up much space.

Emily W. (22 years old - US)

I wanted the wax strips to wax a lot of my hair, but it didn’t. I had to go over it a bunch of times.

Gaya D. (50 years old - BE)

It's easy to use but painfull

Susan M V. (44 years old - US)

It's a must buy product easy to use Works well and gets the job done right.

Jeanelle O. (29 years old - US)

I love it !