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Tea Tree Deodorant Stick
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20 reviews
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Tea Tree Deodorant Stick - Jason
71 g
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Delivering energising freshness and long lasting protection, JASON Tea Tree Deodorant Stick features organic tea tree oil and vitamin E to keep you fresh and clean all day long. This natural deodorant is free from parabens and aluminum chlorohydrate.
Tea tree, the star ingredient in JASON Tea Tree Deodorant Stick, is well known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and will ensure you stay fresh and clean throughout the day. This natural deodorant stick is free from parabens and aluminum chlorohydrate.
Directions of use:
- Apply to clean, dry underarms.
- Reapply after sweating or anytime extra freshness is needed.

What they say…

Conor H. (28 years old - IE)

Excellent quality product wonderfully light clean and fresh!

Sakhile N. (21 years old - IE)

Overall the product is good in particular the look of the product is appealing. The scent is ok { however, not my favourite scent}, the hold is good especially since there is no aluminium. This is my first time trying a natural deodorant and It surprisingly worked better than some antiperspirants I have used in the past.

Julia W. (39 years old - GB)

Fantastic product with great protection. No irritation under arms especially straight after shaving. Has left my under arms feeling smooth and fresh.

Lauren F. (25 years old - IE)

Not to strong of a smell just right secent

Monica S. (34 years old - IE)

Nice natural product

Rebecca H. (33 years old - IE)

Love this deodorant stick didn't irritate me like some other brands have and protected me during the day. Would definitely recommend and use again

Jelena T. (32 years old - IE)

Its amazing product. It really work for 24h. I use it 7am when going to work and when come back home 7pm my underarms still dry and smell nice. Its awesome. Maybe they will have a bit better smell of same product as this one is just not my type of smell. I would prefer no smell or some other kind of fragrance. But i will definitely add it to my "buy list" and i already told to my friend as well.

Sheelagh O. (40 years old - IE)

Really nice scent. Easy to apply. Great texture. Brilliant product. Would recommend.

Anna P. (35 years old - IE)

While product hold nice and long, the smell is very strong and personnaly i dont like it. It bothered me for the whole time i used it. I couldnt smell myslef so it definatelly does what it says however the product itself has very strong and unpleasant smell. I wouldbt recommend it.

Gillian D. (28 years old - IE)

Very good

Ausra S. (38 years old - IE)

I like this deodorant, smells fantastic and gentle on the skin. Doesn’t leave white marks on clothes. I used it for a week and it did a fantastic job. I would recommend it.

Melissa H. (45 years old - GB)

I have been really amazed at how effective this product has been keeping the odour out. It does perform extremely well and you only need to wear a little to get the effects. I have found other products still let the bo smell in, but this product gets rid of it. I use it in the morning and after a bath and it lasts the whole day. It is one of the best products I've ever used for perspiration and I'd definitely buy it. I like the way the bottle looks it has a calming look to it. I like the way the blues and greens work together and the fact it is tea tree. I have found it gentle on my skin and it has not caused any irritation. I would highly recommend this product. I see this as a high end deodorant that works 100%. I am delighted with the product. I love the smell of the tea tree.

Tara B. (35 years old - GB)

I like the product itself but personally prefer a spray. The colours on the packing are appealing and fresh looking, but the design looks foreign which may put me off. The tube and lid are strong plastic so not at risk of cracking if dropped. The smell is nice and the texture is soft.

Michele B. (73 years old - FR)

Celui ci m'a bluffé je l'aime J'aimerai par contre savoir où le racheter car je ne connais pas cette marque faite au Canada

Francesco Donato B. (39 years old - IT)

Excellent packaging, pleasant and fresh fragrance.

Hélène G. (37 years old - FR)

excellent produit efficace fragrance délicate

Su J. (51 years old - IE)

Love the smell, easy to use doesn't crumble when using.

Josette C. (71 years old - FR)

Très facile d'utilisation, bonne odeur, j'aime beaucoup