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Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
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14 reviews
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Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover - L'Oréal
125 ml
15 000 points
L'Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Eye Make Up Remover gently yet effectively removes all traces of eye make up. The refreshing formula is enriched with pro-vitamins and won't irritate your eyes.
Directions of Use:Apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe it over eyes. Rinse with water once all make up has been removed.

What they say…

Laurence P. (57 years old - FR)

Trop liquide

Virginie H. (47 years old - FR)

peu etre une formule un peu moiins liquide, pour que le produit soit moins absorbé par le coton

Delphine F. (46 years old - FR)

il est tres efficace, pas collant, impeccable

Suchita O. (27 years old - AE)

I love this product. Removing of the eye makeup was easy.

Kristina L. (25 years old - IE)

The product overall is not exactly suitable for waterproof makeup - It is possible to remove some of it, however, I prefer to use other makeup removers for waterproof makeup as this product does not effectively and thoroughly remove makeup and leaves residue unless you use force (which sort of contradicts the whole "suitable for sensitive skin" statement considering it causes irritation afterwards if force is applied when makeup is removed). On the bright side, it does have a simple, compact design and the texture as well as the odor is pleasant.

Rachel D. (22 years old - IE)

the product removed my eyeliner, eyelash glue and mascara very easily

Helena O. (33 years old - IE)

I done a full eye of going out makeup. I also used magnetic lashes. I find magnetic lash glue quite hard to remove normally. But this product made the process a lot easier.

Jhovie C. (51 years old - AE)

This is an excellent prodcut. Not harsh on the skin and when you use it in your eye area it does not hurt your eyes. It is quick in removing eye make up. Five star for this product. I will buy again when it is finish.

Ashley A. (28 years old - FR)

Le format est pratique pour emporter dans son sac à main. Côté efficacité j'ai remarqué qu'il faut insister quand on utilise un mascara waterproof. Au delà de ça il n'irrite pas et fait le boulot donc correct.

Danielle C. (69 years old - FR)

produit très doux et respectueux de la peau délicate des paupières

Danick P. (52 years old - FR)

C'est un démaquillant efficace et effectivement doux pour les yeux .