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Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream
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24 reviews
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Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream - Neutrogena
75 ml
17 000 points
Treat hardworking hands to Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream, a nourishing formula that instantly comforts and hydrates to leave skin feeling soft and supple.
The fast absorbing cream melts effortlessly into skin, delivering immediate hydration and softness that lasts. Lightweight and non-greasy, it will leave hands feeling quenched and moisturised with no stickiness of residue.
Dermatologist tested.

What they say…

Sarah V. (46 years old - FR)

Excellent, format pratique, ne laisse pas de film gras sur la peau, efficacité constatée rapidement.

Anaïs D. (22 years old - FR)

À l'application, je le trouve un peu gras, mais l'effet disparaît assez rapidement, donc ce n'est pas dérangeant.

Eirini Z. (40 years old - NL)

It needs about 2 min of massaging before it is fully absorbed and you can go on with using your hands.

Georgiana E. (28 years old - NL)

The formula is creamy and the package helps to pour in your hand the exact quantity that you want without any spillage. It's pretty fast absorbing, but it will leave a greasy/sticky feel for a couple of minutes. Overall, it's a good product.

Alicia M. (33 years old - ES)

Me está gustando mucho, hidrata mucho las manos.

Christine H. (59 years old - FR)

bonne odeur , texture soyeuse et douce sur les mains , non grasse , absorption rapide , hydrate très bien les mains et poignets , rien de négatif pour moi , merci

Rosa G. (31 years old - ES)

Deja la piel suave pero no grasa y se funde rápidamente en las manos

Shpresa V. (43 years old - NL)

Love it

Almudena M. (24 years old - ES)

es un producto fácil de aplicar con un gran poder de absorción

Jyothi C. (34 years old - AE)

It was absorbed into my skin..but not fully..in the first 2 min. Also would be great if you take away the parfum ingredient in it..though it smells good and is the last ingredient.

Filiz D. (40 years old - NL)

The product is good for hands. although it is a little oily, it's resistant to cold weather. I got the product today and used it immediately. Because of having no glove, I thought my hands would dry out. However, the product worked very well to keep my hands soft and warm. I used a lot of hand creams, but the Neutrogena did not make me upset again. As I mentioned, the only thing I'm considering is that it is oily that I felt as if I touched with butter or liquid oil. You might take into consideration that. The smell is better than I expected. It's light and not creamy but soft flowered one. I think I'll definitely buy this new product of Neutrogena once it comes to the Netherlands.

Isabelle D. (51 years old - FR)

La crème pénètre bien et ne laisse pas la peau grasse. Ma peu est hydratée. Je n'aime pas trop l'odeur, mais elle reste assez discrète.

Petra P. (39 years old - BE)

De crème is niet vettig en trekt snel in, goed voor kloven

Carmen M. (57 years old - ES)

Me gusta la sencillez del producto y la calidad del mismo. Neutrogena es una marca líder en cuidado de manos y eso se ve en la efectividad del producto, se absorbe rápido y no deja las manos pringosas sino que las hidrata de forma muy rápida y sencilla aplicación

Liz R. (40 years old - GB)

I found this to be a really good hand cream, fast absorbing with a really nice soft fragrance that lingers well. My hands feel nice and soft and cared for

Jolanda H. (49 years old - NL)

Ik vind het een fijn product dat vlot in trekt en raad het zeer zeker aan bij anderen

Miriam V. (42 years old - ES)

Se absorbe muy rápidamente y deja las menos muy hidratadas y reparadas. Repetiré

Laurie B. (24 years old - FR)

L'odeur et la texture sont très agréables.

Elodie L. (37 years old - FR)

Crème légère, vite absorbée, non grasse mais il faut patienter un peu pour ne plus la sentir du tout sur les mains. Odeur pas terrible. Hydrate correctement.

Rachel A. (51 years old - FR)

Fluide et légère, pénètre rapidement. Agréable mais pas suffisamment performante sur des mains très sèche s

Lorena C. (37 years old - ES)

Fórmula muy eficaz contra la sequedad, muy satisfecha, volveré a comprar y recomendaré!!