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Egyptian Jasmine
Egyptian Jasmine Egyptian Jasmine
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Egyptian Jasmine - Adopt
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The perfume "Jasmine of Egypt" will transport you to the island of flowers in Aswan, in a fragrant field of jasmine grandiflorum. Its opulent and warm trail will comfort you. The languor of the banks of the Nile and its magnificent landscapes will be a source of comfort.” The fragrance invites itself with orange notes, subtly enhanced with clove essence. Its olfactory signature is then created thanks to Jasmine grandiflorum absolute from Egypt, combined with gourmet notes of cherry. In the drydown, tonka bean and patchouli finally coat the wake of comfort.


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Doriane P. (45 лет - FR)

Trop fort et entêtant.

Julie E. (30 лет - FR)

Un parfum super frais, j'adore !

Colette S. (64 лет - FR)

Le produit sent bon mais il est de petite taille.