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"In your dreams" - Roll on - Adopt
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Let yourself be lulled by the notes of lavender and chamomile of the roll-on In your dreams. Promise of a peaceful night, its certified organic formula is made up of 100% natural ingredients. Its ergonomic bottle slips into a bag and can be taken anywhere.

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Heena S. (40 jahre - GB)

The scent was more cinnamony, add floral tones to make it a bit more advanced.

Veronica G. (37 jahre - ES)

Me ha parecido un buen producto.

Evelina G. (24 jahre - SE)

It is a very nice product and made well. I would recommend it to those loving essential oils.

Josette S. (60 jahre - FR)

Ich habe es auf meine Handgelenke gelegt, es ist nicht angegeben.

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