Concealer Serum for Men
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Concealer Serum for Men - Horace
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This natural serum reduces dark circles and moisturizes the contour of your eyes thanks to its active ingredients as well as its massaging and refreshing ball. Your look is decongested, the pockets are attenuated. Your face gains an instant fresh blow. Daily use visibly reduces your dark circles, decongests your eyes, reduces your pockets and gives you a feeling of comfort and freshness.

How to use it?
The serum is applied every morning on clean skin, making 3 back and forth under each eye.

Perfume: Fragrance free

It is clean: made in France, vegan, suitable for all skin types, without paraben, without silicone, without mineral oil.

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Axelle L. (38 jahre - FR)

Sehr praktisch einfach zu verwenden, wirkt abschwellend, aber ich sehe noch nicht die Wirkung auf Augenringe.

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