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Face Scrub
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27 reviews
Beauty Products
Face Scrub - Evoluderm
150 ml
12 000 points
French Brand !

Eliminates dead cells.
The skin is soft and glowing.

What they say…

Katarina S. (23 years old - CS)

The cream has a pleasant smell and a good texture. It softens and makes skin really smooth. Amazing!

Monika B. (33 years old - PL)

The product is pleasant to use, smoothes the skin.

Sonia H. (38 years old - GB)

I found the scrub to be very good on my skin, it smells devine and is very refreshing. I have really enjoyed using the product.

Farha M. (36 years old - GB)

Gentle and refreshing. Caring on the skin with subtle fragrance.

Simona C. (38 years old - IT)

It's a beautiful product.

Irshad B. (44 years old - GB)

After using this product my face looks fresh and smooth. It smells fresh and it easy to apply.

Maamar B. (46 years old - FR)

Je trouve ce gommage parfait, avec une agréable texture et en plus il sent très bon !

Irma B. (47 years old - LT)

Great product for continuous use. It is easy to put on, smells pleasantly. After dry, the skin remains firm and smooth. Thank you very much for the opportunity to try a great product.

Amira E. (29 years old - MA)

L'utilisation indiquée n'est pas suffisante faut mieux expliquer s'il faut l'utiliser sur une peau sèche ou non.

Ieva R. (24 years old - LT)

Will definitely consider buying this product, because it really works and clears my skin.

Anna B. (33 years old - UA)

Scrub I liked. It is convenient in the application does not spread and does not drip. Gently cleanses the skin of the face. After its application, the skin becomes soft.

Khalil K. (28 years old - MA)

Very great product ♥♥♥ Please send on your products for testing thanks

Feredj A. (22 years old - DZ)

It’s just bombe it’s very good product and I’m very happy to share it with my friends.

Oksana L. (29 years old - UA)

This is a very high-quality scrub. Makes the skin smooth like a baby.

Rb K. (28 years old - AE)

Its amazing!

Khadija K. (32 years old - MA)

Very useful im satisfied of the results.

Estelle A. (42 years old - FR)

un gommage tout en douceur, parfum "vert" et frais, bien toléré par ma peau sensible. Un produit simple et efficace, je recommande.

Gaelle N. (45 years old - FR)

J'ai acheter ce produit il y as un ans environ j'en suis très satisfaite il laisse la peau douce et nettoie en profondeur dans l'agresser il est facile à rince et sens bon

Camilla Z. (22 years old - IT)

L’ho già provato un paio di volte ed ho subito visto la differenza sulla mia pelle. La pelle risulta più pulita e liscia,secca anche le piccole imperfezioni.

Corinne S. (56 years old - FR)

Odeur agréable et gommage doux pour la peau même si il n'y a pas beaucoup de grains de gommage dans le produit. Sinon il laisse la peau douce et lisse.