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Cleansing sponge
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Cleansing sponge - Basicare
1 sponge
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Large, soft sponge to gently and effectively cleanse the face, suitable for all skin types. Approx. 12cm wide.

What they say…

Eszter V.

Thank you very much for letting me try his product. It was really good.

Laurenc C.

Pourquoi Blanc ? rose clair, jaune, orange, cela ferait jolie sur le lavabo.

Eszter F.

I found it useles, doesn't make foam, doesn't scrub. I see no use.

Körmendi M.

Very useful and good product. I was happy to try it out.

Jennie Z.

After using this since I've received it (a week or so), I've come to the conclusion that this sponge is best used when you haven't any make up on and even then you can used your hands. This is not to be used to wash off make up as after just using this my skin started to feel textured and I got a pimple which is something I never get. Would not recommended.

Diana R.

I've never tried anything like this before, so I'm delighted that I was given the opportunity to try it. I usually just use a face cloth along with my cleanser and I've always thought that it did a good job of cleaning, but I now realise thanks to this sponge that it wasn't doing that great a job. After using this sponge with the same cleanser, my face felt so incredibly clean and brighter. I highly recommend this sponge because it does a great job.

Muriel M.

Produit très bien mais un peu difficile à tenir en main pour le visage je trouve il est un peu gros.

Kawthar B.

I love it ,in first I was scared because I have a sensitive skin but I love it ,it's make my skin clean and soft. Thank you!

Mirta T.

Muy buena calidad.

Riina J.

Really nice product, just the right size too - not too big or too small. Nice to hold, cleans perfectly.

Loreta B.

The product was hard but when it got wet it was nice but not soft enough to feel good after using it. the product itself couldn't take off makeup, only after dumping it into the makeupremover. i wouldn't buy it because i think it needs improvment.

Екатерина .

very nice