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Little Princess- Star Hair Clip
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18 reviews
Little Princess- Star Hair Clip - D'ANA
8 000 points
Star decorated bar with small bows sequins. It is worn on the side to hold a lock, and finish a hairstyle!

What they say…

Sandrine Z. (45 years old - FR)

tiens bien dans les cheveux ma nièce a adoré les paillettes dedans

Oceane S. (26 years old - FR)

Très pratique

Alexie R. (28 years old - FR)

La petite étoile et tomber Mais beau produit

Andreea Alexandra P. (32 years old - IT)

Carino molto

Maxime C. (33 years old - FR)

Au top ma princesse été ravie

Magdalena G. (40 years old - FR)

Très belle barrette tien bien bon produit

Marisol D. (37 years old - US)

It was very cute, it came in great condition but what I didn’t like was that the glue was very visible and kind of messy, I really loved it though.

Sarah M. (40 years old - IT)

Molto bello ed originale

Melania B. (35 years old - IT)


Jessica P. (29 years old - IT)

Un buon prodotto

Louisa A. (31 years old - FR)


Nuria G. (44 years old - ES)

Me ha parecido muy original y bonito, a la vez que practico

Donna S. (53 years old - US)

This hairline is super cute

Yolanda L. (55 years old - ES)

Muy bonito para usar en niñas. Sujwta muy bien el pelo y no priduce tirones al retirar.