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Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes
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Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes - yes to
30 wipes
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Reveal a flawless complexion with the Yes To Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes. Concentrated with tomatoes, the pre-moistened wipes boast antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, which aid in protecting against environmental aggressors that are able to clog pores and cause breakouts. Tomatoes also contain fruit acids that help to control oil production at the skin’s surface.
Containing blemish-fighting Salicylic acid, the face wipes work to eliminate surface skin cells and open the pores. This helps to break down any blackheads and other types of acne, leaving skin visibly clean and clear, free from breakouts.
Free from parabens, SLS and Silicones. Cruelty-free.

What they say…

Andrada H. (33 years old - NL)

It is a good product . Smooth enough and leaves my skin clean after use . It doesn’t have a strong smell . But I like that it doesn’t leave my face sticky.

Sanne E. (24 years old - NL)

Very nice smell and good looking pakaging, works perfect defenetly recommend

Elena M. (44 years old - GB)

The product was easy to use and I liked its smell.

Sara P. (41 years old - IT)

Innovative product, good fragrance, excellent to use.

Caroline G. (50 years old - NL)

i like the product because the wipes were made of very strong quality, the packaging too. the red color is nice to look at too. i was very curious to see what the tomato would do on my skin. it is an original concep but should be shown how natural it is too! what i didnt enjoy as much is the wipes were a bit too rough on the skin and no smell at all.also is it recyclable? wouldnt think so?

Rosangela C. (52 years old - IT)

It's a very innovative products, easy to use for the people like that have not much time to spend in the beauty routine

Katie H. (37 years old - US)

The smell could use sum work but overall good product

Dana N. (28 years old - BE)

Tres beau produit

Meryam B. (23 years old - GB)

I liked how it cleansed my skin, felt very smooth. Had a lovely soft fragrance to it

Patrizia S. (53 years old - IT)

veramente eccezionali

Francesca A. (42 years old - IT)

Its a good product

Jessica O. (32 years old - IT)


Angelin R. (31 years old - DE)

I would have preferred a less strong scent

Hubert G. (48 years old - FR)

plus d'uôdeut adreable

Philippe B. (59 years old - FR)

douceur, odeur agréable, nettoie bien

Chrissie M. (62 years old - GB)

ReFreshing. Good quality, fairly moist tissue. Kind to skin.

Claire D. (35 years old - FR)

Je trouve le produit pratique mais pas très écologique malheureusement, surtout que les lingettes sont très grandes voir même trop grandes. Le produit est agréable à utiliser, l'odeur est assez subtile et il est efficace contre les imperfections

Julie K. (39 years old - DK)

Very good product! The closing mecanism is very good and I would make the package bigger because they stay fresh and moist for long. I would do a 100 wipes and then a tiny 10 pack for the bag on the go. Feel free to contact me with other quistions about this or other products to test. Kind regards Julie

Lys S. (31 years old - DK)

I ammostly interested in the salycilic acid component to treat my acne prone skin. From a dermatological point of view just make the product without perfume. If you go for perfume it needs to be improved a little.Consult with a dermatologist for best ingredients to clean the skin, you have too many useless fruits in it. I follow Dr. Dray for my scientific skin info on youtube. The packaging is too red. If you want more high end perhaps go for black,silver and red? If you go for a sustainable packaging the usual brownish packaging will work, with a nice tomatoe/farm vibe

Kristi C. (39 years old - CA)

I never knew tomatoes were so good for the skin

Dallas C. (22 years old - US)

Love these wipes. They smell good and are good for oily skin. Would definitely purchase in store !

Keli R. (35 years old - ES)

Me ha encantado mucho su olor y lo suave que se queda mi piel, gracias por dejarme probar este producto, un beso.

Ferrando C. (55 years old - FR)

J'ai beaucoup apprécié tester ce produit qui est très agréable pour le visage, en plus original à la tomate. Merci beaucoup pour ce test.

Carmen P. (42 years old - ES)

Lo compraría seguro si se vendiera en España. Te deja la piel fresca y limpia, me encanta.

Smita S. (39 years old - IN)

I love this product. I am very happy while using this product because smell, smoothness, safe to use, more liquid in every wipe, Free to use, and other overall are good

Loreto H. (43 years old - ES)

producto muy útil y eficiente

Adrian R. (43 years old - ES)

El producto llego abierto, por lo que las primeras toallitas estaban secas. Tras desecharlas pude probar el producto y esta bastante bien. Es practico, eficiente y tiene buena textura y olor.

Laura E. (43 years old - GB)

Loved the packaging.