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Brush Cleaner Tool
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Brush Cleaner Tool - Brushworks
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The brushworks Brush Cleaner Tool can be used with water or cleansing solution to keep your makeup brushes in tip-top condition. Its ergonomic design sits comfortably in the hand, whilst its textured surface effectively removes dirt, impurities and product build-up from bristles. Experience quick, convenient and deep cleaning.

What they say…

Julie P. (24 years old - FR)

J'adore !

Ela U. (27 years old - FR)


Stephanie B. (47 years old - FR)

dommage qu'il n'y ait pas une notice d'utilisation optimum

Hema S. (61 years old - CA)

love the product

Missty C. (31 years old - CA)

Very good material and sturdy for cleaning

Nicole B. (30 years old - CA)

I just wish it was a little bigger (that’s what she said ;)). Also, the packaging wasn’t very durable.

Jaime V. (28 years old - CA)

Easy to use!

Emmanuel B. (35 years old - CA)

It's an excellent product.I love it very much.

Laura T. (50 years old - US)

This is a great tool to clean your brushes and super easy to use and also to clean. I so need to clean my brushes weekly and this tool does do the job

Patricia F. (44 years old - CA)

This is an amazing product for cleaning my make up brushes. I love the fact that it has a soft edge and on the other side I can clean all my brushes. I put my brush to dry inside after and it did not make a mess on my bathroom counter. This is a wonderful tool and I keep it in my purse since I am always on the go.

Ashley T. (33 years old - CA)

Better then just putting your make-up brushes in soapy water definitely helps get makeup that's left behind out of your make-up tools

Fatma A. (28 years old - DZ)


Natasha M. (46 years old - CA)

Product works well and is very handy to have.

Jennifer H. (50 years old - AU)

I have found this to be very handy in cleaning my brushes and very easy to use.