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Color Sensational Gloss Vivid Mat 30 Fuchsia Ecstasy
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Color Sensational Gloss Vivid Mat 30 Fuchsia Ecstasy - Maybelline
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An electrifying shade to see things from the bright side.
A formula rich in pure matte pigments that coats lips in saturated colour for exceptional coverage.

What they say…

Cristina S. (47 years old - ES)

Very nice color. Wonderful texture but it lasts very little.

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Vanessa M. (44 years old - ES)

It took me a long time to receive it, I thought it would have been lost but it finally arrived a couple of days ago, I've been testing it and what I liked the most is its texture like velvet, I loved it, not sticky or greasy like other glosses. The color is intense and beautiful, versatile and wearable for all occasions. As for its duration, without eating it remains unchanged for several hours, but as soon as you eat it starts to fade, staying only on the edges. I will still continue to use it for everyday wear and will buy another shade.

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Hadjilla B. (56 years old - FR)

Hello, the smell is "unpleasant". I find it unpleasant. The product is too liquid: it smudges, even when contouring with a pencil. The hold is mediocre... In short, I'll neither buy it nor recommend it. Not worthy of being a Gemey product.

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