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Liberty dream - perfume
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Liberty dream - perfume - Adopt
10 ml
16 000 points
Liberty Dream is a modern, elegant and addictive oriental floral that perfectly reflects the daily life of a free and contemporary woman who lives at 100 miles an hour. The fragrance takes off from the start thanks to an explosion of raspberries tinged with sweet cardamom. The caramel finally leaves a trail of exquisite addiction.

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Misty C. (44 years old - US)

I honestly did not know what to expect with this perfume. Having said that, I am so pleased with this scent! It reminds me of a high end scent I used to wear, that I loved but had really just forgotten about. This is a very light, clean scent to me. Not overpowering at all. As soon as I opened it, I was spraying it on myself. I can't attest to the longevity, as I've not worn it very long, however I do not think it will last all day, hence the reason for 4 stars. What I sprayed a couple of hours ago, I really have to try to smell it on my skin. No matter, I will still wear this and enjoy it! It's a great size to throw in my purse, a bag or my car. I'd really love to purchase a larger bottle of it! I would definitely recommend this perfume, but you may have to spray it a couple of times a day to keep the beautiful scent going! Smells sooo good!!!