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Draw on 31 July 2024

Cura del corpo
Moisturizing Face Mask - Cucumber - Evoluderm
6 prodotti
An explosion of ingredients of natural origin with multiple benefits for your skin.
Formulated with 98% natural and vegan origin, the Cucumber Moisturizing Mask frees the skin from all its impurities. Its thirst-quenching texture with an invigorating scent provides an instant feeling of freshness. Recognized for both its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, Cucumber plumps and purifies while soothing the epidermis. The anti-thirst formula of this mask, notably thanks to the presence of Glycerin, tones and comforts the skin. Result: naturally hydrated, the skin regains its natural radiance.
Draw on 07 August 2024

Eyebrow fixing gel - Essence
6 prodotti
Clear eyebrow gel. To keep eyebrows perfectly groomed.

With its quick-drying and long-lasting formula, this fixing gel is ideal for eyebrow lamination. Ultra-resistant, it reintegrates even the finest and unruly hairs into the eyebrow line.
Draw on 14 August 2024

Cura del corpo
Eyes patches - Florence By Mills
8 prodotti
Light-as-air decongestant eye patches

These adorable little cloud-shaped gel pads float under your eyes. Caffeine extract helps wake up tired, congested skin that may be ringed. The patches are also infused with green tea extract to soothe and cactus extract to hydrate.
Key Ingredients:
•Caffeine extract: helps depuff the area under the eyes
•Green tea extract: helps soothe the skin
•Cactus extract: has water capture and hydration properties
Draw on 21 August 2024

Cura del corpo
Hand cleaner gel - Peach me - Adopt
8 prodotti
This cleansing gel, made from ingredients of natural origin, cleans your hands and perfumes them with a sun-kissed fragrance in a single gesture.
Draw on 28 August 2024

Eyeshadow palette - Profusion Comestics
8 prodotti
A superb range of pink, dark, light, metallic or matte shades, all looks are allowed!
Create original looks with this easy-to-use mauve palette. The multi-finish shades, richly pigmented and blendable, range from a range of neutrals and powder pinks to plum hues. A practical guide is included.
Draw on 04 September 2024

Cura del corpo
Detangling and Repairing Conditioner - Evoluderm
6 prodotti
Wrap yourself in the delicious caress of Shea Butter, protective and beneficial.

Silicone-free and specifically formulated to care for long, delicate hair, Délice de Karité Detangling & Repairing Conditioner, composed of 95% natural origin, is enriched with Shea Butter from Burkina Faso to reveal the beauty of your hair. Known for its nutritional properties, Shea Butter repairs and strengthens long hair, often weakened by daily aggressions. A creamy texture and a subtle fragrance with gourmet notes for a real cocooning moment. Result: revitalized and perfectly detangled, the hair regains all its strength.
Draw on 11 September 2024

Meta glow colour changing lipstick - Essence
6 prodotti
Soft pink color revealing lipstick.

For a guaranteed wow effect: META GLOW essence color revealing lipstick. Its formula reacts to the pH of the lips and colors them a soft pink. It suits all skin tones and highlights the natural color of your lips. Transparent formula with holographic effect. In addition, it applies very easily and is pleasant to wear.
Draw on 18 September 2024

Cura del corpo
Nail polish remover correction pen - Essence
6 prodotti
Correction pen for small nail polish imperfections

Correct imperfections in your nail polish. The beveled tip of this pen-style remover allows you to remove small nail polish defects, for example if you have spilled over while applying it. With a fruity melon scent. Acetone free.
Draw on 25 September 2024

Cura del corpo
Nourishing radiant balm - La Provençale
6 prodotti
La Provençale nourishing balm enriched with organic olive oil, organic argan oil and organic jojoba oil, this cream nourishes intensely and instantly without leaving a greasy finish.
The skin is immediately soothed and protected against external aggressions by repairing its barrier function. Its pleasant emulsion texture, creamy and melting, offers a delicate floral scent which transforms each application into a moment of pleasure.
Draw on 02 October 2024

Nail polish - Raspberry - Born to Bio
8 prodotti
Nail polish n°6 raspberry Born to Bio, for perfectly lacquered and shiny nails with all the power of nature. The varnishes contain between 85% ingredients of natural origin.
Draw on 09 October 2024

Cura del corpo
Bamboo Ear Picks - Avril
6 prodotti
No more disposable cotton balls thanks to the Avril ear cleaner!

Ecological and economical, this bamboo ear pick cleans the ears of the whole family gently and in just a few seconds.
How to use your Avril ear pick?
- Disinfect it before and after use
- Use the spoon part to remove earwax at the entrance to the ear
- Do not insert the ear pick too deeply: you risk injuring yourself
- For use in children, the ear pick must be handled by an adult. With your finger, make a stop which will prevent the instrument from reaching the eardrum in the event of a sudden movement by the child.